Zhejiang Province
Jiaxing Pressure Vessel Factory
Shaoxing Coal Gas Parent Company
Ningbo Coal Gas Parent Company
50 ones etc.
Jiangsu Province

Nanjing Special Gas Factory
Suzhou Fuel Gas Group Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Xinxi Liquefied Gas Cylinder Inspection Station
30 ones etc.

Shanghai Jiang County Liquefied Gas Cylinde Inspection Station
Shanghai Alkali-chloride Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.
Shanghai Science & Education Technology Import and Export Corporation
16 ones etc.
Fujian Province
Fuzhou Liquefied Gas Company
Nanping Boiler Inspection Office Cylinder Inspection Station
Xiamen Coal Gas Parent Company
32 ones etc.
Jiangxi Province
Jiangxi Yichun Pressure Vessel Factory
Jiangxi Chongren County Pressure Vessel Inspection Station
Jiangxi Changzheng Machine Factory
30 ones etc.
Shandong Province
Shandong Ju County Liquefied Gas Company
Tsinan Gas Factory
Rizhao Dongfang Thermoelectricity Supporting Service Centre
26 ones etc.
Anhui Province
Anhui Wuwei County Fuel Parent Company
Anqing Coal Gas Company
Tongling Labor Security Inspection Centre
25 ones etc.
Guangxi Chuang Municipality

Guangxi Pingxiang Sheng'an Fuel Cylinder Inspection Co.,Ltd.
Guangxi Guiling Region Boiler Inspection Station
Guangxi Hepu Cylinder Inspection Station of Coal Construction Company
35 ones etc.

Guangdong Province

Guangdong Nanhai Nianjiada Gas Company
Guangdong Augang Gas Industry Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Guangchuan International Co.,Ltd.
26 ones etc.

Henan Province
Henan Anyang Steel Co.,Ltd.
Luoyang Dawn Chemical Industry Academe
Henan Xuchang Cylinder Inspection Station Of Power Supply Bureau
25 ones etc.
Shanxi Province

Shanxi Yuling Zone Boiler Inspection Station
Shanxi Petrifaction Hall Cylinder Inspection Station
Shanxi Baoji Brewhouse
15 ones etc.

Gansu Province

Lanhua Cylinder Inspection Station of Liquefied Gas Company
Gansu Oxygen Factory of Liuyuan Huazhongshan Industry Group
Gansu Jiuquan Zone Boiler Inspection Station
12 ones etc.

Ningxia Hui Municipality
Ningxia Shizuishan Boiler Inspection Station
Ningxai Yingnan Zone Boiler Inspection Station
12 ones etc.
Xinjiang Weiwuer Municipality
Xinjiang Zepu Oil Field
Xinjiang Yili Zone Boiler Inspection Station
Akesu Zone Electric Power Boiler Installation Company
Hainan Province
Hainan Fuel Chemistry Parent Company
Hainan Iron Ore Cylinder Inspection Station
Hainan Cylinder Inspection Station of Pengda Company
10 ones etc.
Hubei Province
Hubei Steel Group Oxygen Co.,Ltd.
Wuhan Steel Oxygen Cylinder Inspection Factory
Hubei Huangshi Boiler Inspection Station
27 ones etc.
Chongqing Chaoyang Gas Co.,Ltd.
Chongqing Hongyuan Industry Co.,Ltd.
Chongqing Yongrong Yongchuan Coal Mine
Jilin Province
Jilin liaoyuang Boiler Pressure Vessel Inspection Station
Changchun Boiler Inspection Station
Jiling Chemical Industry Company
Liaoning Province
Shengyang Liquefied Petroleum Gas Company
Jinxi Oil Refining Chemical Industry Head Factory
Liaoning Bohai Boatyard
Hebei Province
Huabei Oil Field Cylinder Inspection Station of Police
Tangshan Xuyuan Fuel Gas Company
25 ones etc.
Shanxi Province
Shanxi Hengshan Vintage Group Co.,Ltd.
20 ones etc.
Mongolia Municipality
Mongolia Xin'anmeng Pressure Vessel Inspection Station
Mongolia Elunchun Municipality Boiler Inspection Station
Mongolia Yimeng Boiler Inspection Station
16 ones etc.

Tianjin Meisaierkaide Gas System Co.,Ltd.
Tianjin Liquefied Gas Cylinder Technology Inspection Centre
8 ones etc.


Mechanism Factory Of Capital Steel Mining Company
Beijing Yanshan Tianyuan Company
North Suburb Bottling Factory of Beijing Liquefy Petroleum Company
8 ones etc.

Yunnan Province

Kunming Steel Parent Company
Kaiyuan Liberation Army fertilizer Factory stationed in Kunming
Yunnan Xujing Cylinder Quality Supervision and Inspection Station of Technology Supervision Bureau
28 ones etc.

Sichuan Province

Sichuan Langzhong Quality Technology Supervision Bureau Sichuan Luzhou Natural Gas Parent Company
Sichuan Luzhou Natural Gas Co.,Ltd.
Sichuan Ziyang Shihui Natural Gas Co.,Ltd.
25 ones etc.

Guizhou Province

Guizhou Aluminium and Mechanism Factory
China(Guiyang) Zhenghua Electric Industry Company
Guizhou Liuzhi Bureau of Mines dissolving acetylene Factory
15 ones etc.

Hunan Provice

Hunan Liling Cylinder Inspection Station
Liquefied Gas Cylinder Inspection Station of Changde city Party committee authority
Hunan Zijiang Ammonia Fertilizer Factory
10 ones etc.

Qinghai Province
Qinghai Province Huzhu County Liquified Gas Cylinder Inspection Station
Qinghai Integration Mechanism
Xining Gaoyuan Engineering
Heilongjiang Province
Heilongjiang Jiaken Hongxinlong Centre Hospital
Qiqihaer Oxygen Factory
20 ones etc.