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Inspection activities to increase the cylinder intensity

Date:2011-11-16 15:48
Henan cultural industry, Nov. 26, 2007: Not long ago, a snack bar in Xi'an gas explosion occurred, causing heavy casualties, causing the public to use for gas bottle safety concerns. Jiaozuo City in order to ensure the safe use of LPG cylinders, City Institute of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection (hereinafter referred to as pot seized by) to carry out special activities to increase the gas bottle periodic inspection efforts. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the city of pot seized the cylinder test station, a gas bottle to understand how to accept the "physical", and the expertise to explain how to identify the quality of gas bottles.
Cylinders into the pot seized the city inspection station compound, the reporter saw five six hundred gas bottles waiting for "physical." "The first liquid to exclude the remainder of the bottle, many people say that some bottled gas burning impatience, because of incomplete combustion caused by the remaining liquid." Inspectors, according to a description, remove remaining liquid bottle, first to pumped into a vacuum, then unplug the gas bottle valve into the incinerator for incineration treatment process (see above), followed by the appearance of the bottle for testing, and through pressure strength test.
In the scene, the reporter saw through the suppression of individual cylinders is deformed after some cylinders into the water after the effervescent. The inspectors said that this shows the cylinder leakage, are discarded bottles. After paint, rust, the second appearance of the inspection, spraying, the original one gas bottle full of dirt on the new look.
So, how the public to judge the quality of gas bottle it? City pot seized by the person in charge of the cylinder test station, use the "Account" of the gas bottle. After inspection of all gas bottles, gas cylinders, flat valve has a small red Tiepai, Tiepai marked a test year. In addition, spray bottle still has the next test date and passed the annual examination mark. Meanwhile, the public can be found on both sides of the shroud tested Stamps and permanent number and factory original data. Without these signs, indicating that the gas bottle is the "black bottle", a security risk. The official also warned that the use of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, hoses between the cylinder and stove should be within 2 meters, and not through walls, windows and doors; cylinders should be used away from the fire source, non-lying place or roasted; non-Dumping residue and two bottles of gas with each other down; period of test cylinders shall be prohibited to use extended cylinders; handling time, is strictly prohibited cylinder fell, throwing and collide with each other, so as not to hit or damage the cylinder spark.

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