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Guyuan testing charges from the incident gas cylinders

Date:2011-11-16 15:48
Guyuan gas bottles in the near future to carry out a special examination, the newspaper received a lot of people on the cylinder test mandatory fee complaints. December 7, Guyuan city quality supervision, industry and commerce, safety supervision and other multi-sectoral joint inspection, stop unreasonable charges.
It is understood that there are more than 20,000 Guyuan steel gas tank, there are five gas filling companies, since 2010, submission of the gas tank just over 1400, with a lot of gas tank extended service. To this end, this year on November 1, Guyuan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, Administration of Work Safety Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, Trade and Industry Bureau jointly issued "on the inspection of gas bottles," which called for safety testing of gas cylinders. Guyuan qualified by the two entities are responsible for the supply of liquefied gas filling testing tasks on behalf of not filling the test gas cylinders are not allowed. In behalf of the detection process, the gas company's customers to pay 30 yuan fee, inspection fees collected each of them $ 24 per spool $ 2 washers each 0.5 yuan, 3.5 yuan per handling fee. In addition, users in the old cylinder test failed or abandoned, must spend 200 yuan to buy a new cylinder. Guyuan price department official says that, due to Guyuan tens of thousands in circulation in gas cylinders are not registered on file, leading to gas cylinders property is unknown, can not conclude cylinder recency, can only be detected by user fees charge. Liquefied petroleum gas filling company official commitment, users can purchase cylinders in the company issued a receipt, the company responsible for the replacement of qualified cylinder, do not charge inspection fees; can not provide a receipt and can not buy bottles by detecting the user must pay to buy a new bottles; neither test nor buy a new cylinder, not inflated. And from 2008 to 2011 to buy a new cylinder users, the company on behalf of the prosecution does not charge inspection fees, directly to ventilation; bought before 2007 has been to limit the user test cylinders, cylinder ventilation inspection fees will be charged at 26.5 yuan .
Reporters learned that, according to state regulations, liquefied petroleum gas cylinder service life of 15 years, an inspection every four years, property inspection fees be borne by the cylinders. To ensure the interests of the masses, Guyuan City of Industry, quality control and other multi-sectoral issues on the masses to investigate and require gas companies in accordance with the standards approved by the price department received, on behalf of the prosecution can only charge 24 yuan per cylinder, on behalf of the prosecution arising The loading and unloading charges borne by the gas company, has been charged for the cost of handling, the user should be returned. Gas Company shall not be forced to sell the new cylinder users, sales purchase price must be charged 195 yuan each, and buy gas bottles filing up the new card.
In addition, Ningxia Guyuan pot seized by strict inspection stations according to state regulations, the civilian gas bottle inspection once every four years, the full useful life of the liquefied petroleum gas cylinders for scrap. Business sector of the gas quality, gas filling and measurement to track regulatory compliance, while the urban poor residents to help. (Reporter Yan Wen Xin)

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